It’s funny how the summer months seem so busy, and so full of life and action and the minute autumn comes along, things slow down and I suppose I’m happier to be inside. Maybe that’s all it is, seeing as I was bought up in a house where at the merest glimpse of sunshine we all had to go outside and ‘make the most of it’, regardless of whether it was warm, cold or we were asleep. I have to fight against that sensibility now, to the point where I feel to pull the curtains to block out the wonderful October sunlight that is streaming through my window, not just beckoning me outside but also reminding me what a shit hole my garden is and showing up nicely all the fungus that’s growing there (that’s the only thing I can grow in my garden, other than weeds. I suppose it’s something to be glad for?!)

The upshot of all this is, far from not doing any reading all summer, I have actually done a huge amount. Having been on a lovely two week family holiday, where there was little to do, other than care for my children (and drink wine), obviously one of the only other options was to read.

It didn’t start well – I left my Kindle on the plane at the beginning of the holiday. I thought it would be a good idea to get a 7am flight, thus giving us a whole extra day on holiday (imagine that being said in a slightly hysterical, raised eyebrows kind of way) and actually just resulted in us all being completely exhausted for the next three days.

In the scrum at the other end of the flight, having just landed at 9am even though we’d been up for 18 hours already, I not surprisingly forgot to check the back of the seat pockets, which Kindles so comfortably slide in to and are then camouflaged against hasty departures from the plane.

I only realised once we got to our apartment and as the kids settled down for a nap and the husband settled down with a beer and his book, I went to get my Kindle from my bag and horror of horrors, it wasn’t there. I know, I know, first world problems but I was pretty sad. I think I even cried. Although that could have been the 7am flight kicking in…

Anyway, due to being blessed with technologically minded thinking, I was able to download the Kindle App to my phone (my mum was well impressed when I told her I’d done that) and so accessed my library that I had so painstakingly compiled prior to leaving the country. On it I had various recommendations from India Knight such as The Crooked House, At Hawthorn time, The First Anniversary and a few others. All of these are perfectly fine books, some better than others, (none of them are going to set the world alight) but all were very welcome reads. What I was really excited about though was the Elene Ferrante trilogy.

In the end I actually read all three of the books during the summer and as soon as the fourth one came out in September I read that one too. But this post is just excusing myself for not blogging and also to try and get back in to the habit of it. I started this post, as I mentioned, in October and it is now nearly 2016, which just goes to show how life can slip me by.. I mean, what have I been doing for the last three months?!


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