The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth McKenzie

Talking squirrels, dysfunctional relationships, parents like those in Meet the Fockers, corporate conspiracies – this book has it all, and frankly I think it struggles a little with it.

I spent the whole book wondering how I could take it all seriously when the main character really did communicate with squirrels and we had to go along with it. Having said that, after initially thinking that I probably wouldn’t get very far with it, I did finish it and in the end, really quite enjoy it.

Good writing, with interesting characters go a long way to make a good book (slightly stating the obvious I know, but you know what I mean). If you want something a little different, then this would be worth a go. And also, did you know there are 65 different ways to say squirrel? No, neither did i…


  1. Sacha · · Reply

    Think I’m give this one a miss……Now, if they were birds rather than squirrels….


    1. I’ll keep an eye out….


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