About me

Blimey, not another blog from a mother of two who reads books and likes writing about it, I hear you cry. Well, yes, actually, that’s exactly what this is, but before you sigh and click away, I just want you to know that it’s not because I’ve got more to say on the matter than others, nor indeed what I have to say is any more exciting or important than all the other people who decide to blog about their reading habits.

The difference about this blog is that it’s more like a guide to your next book.

Consider this a book club reading list – I read the books and give you an idea of whether you might like them, without giving anything away.

I like well written fiction, preferably with good covers. Although you can never tell a book by it’s cover, these days, it’s a good indication of what’s inside.

I had a stab at setting up my own business a while back (massive fail) and I blogged about that too, mainly about the hardships of having massive feet and having bred children who will also have massive feet. So that’s why some of the blog is about books and some of it is about shoes. Maybe one day I’ll read a book about a woman with massive feet – that would be a win win!

JUNE 2017 UPDATE: I’m now also the resident book blogger for www.dresslikeamum.com/life which is very exciting, so keep an eye out there for a few more mum orientated / parenting books (and if you haven’t checked out Zoe’s blog, please do, it’s great)

Thanks for reading, comments welcome!

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