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A brief History of Seven killings by Marlon James

So, the Booker prize winner 2015 finally got an airing on my Kindle (and only because I had it on there from last year and I was somewhere without wifi on holiday so couldn’t download anything else!). And blimey oh Riley, words fail me and then make me swear a lot, with a slightly Jamaican […]

Summer reading

It’s been a bumper summer of good reads for me, so I’ve done a quick round up of the ones that stood out. First up: Disclaimer by Renee Knight I needed an easy read to ease myself into more hardcore books on holiday and this one did the job nicely. However, it also pulled me […]

Not Working by Lisa Owens

  You can see Lisa Owen’s editorial background in the layout of this book. The generous paragraphs mean that each one is like a vignette, and could almost be read separately or one at a time. It has a refreshing, contemporary feel. This is a book which made me laugh out loud with its sharp […]

Ruby by Cynthia Bond

I’ve just finished this book, which is the most disturbing, gripping, nightmarish novel I’ve read in a good few years. It’s been the sort of book which I’ve had to put down a few times, as it’s held me in a dark pit of storytelling, thrashing about in the hell of men. I’d read the […]

Villa America

Christmas came early for me last week, when a friend who works in publishing sent over a massive haul of books. I was genuinely excited to be handed all these words on a plate and only after counting the number of books (10) did I realise I had quite a task ahead of me. I […]

My Brilliant Friend

Just because I haven’t done a review for a while, doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. I have. But it was like a snowball, I read a book, then didn’t have time to write about it, but started reading another one and then I forgot what I thought about the previous one and now I’m […]


  It’s funny how the summer months seem so busy, and so full of life and action and the minute autumn comes along, things slow down and I suppose I’m happier to be inside. Maybe that’s all it is, seeing as I was bought up in a house where at the merest glimpse of sunshine […]

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Sometimes a book comes a long which blindsides you. With characters who stay with you and breathe alongside you, and whose lives you lead whilst also living yours. A Little Life has those characters and is one of those books. Frankly, I found it a hard start. It is massive (720 pages) which made the […]

Black Swan Green by David Mitchell

I think David Mitchell is a very clever boy. (I don’t mean to be patronising, it’s just that ‘clever boy’ trips off the tongue better than ‘clever man’). I read Cloud Atlas with a mixture of admiration and confusion, which I think was pretty common but my overall memory of the book was that it […]

The Bees by Laline Paull

I was having some food with friends the other night and we were talking about books we’d read. “I’ve just finished a book, called The Hive. It’s about a bee” “Oh yes, any good?” “I have no idea” That’s about the crux of the conversation. Yes, I know I could have been a bit more […]